Demo .mp3 Files



These were recorded live on New Year's Eve 2011 at the Corvallis Country Club. No overdubs!

Click on a song to hear it (opens a new window). These are full length, and may take a moment to load.

The following were recorded at All Rights Reserved ®'s very own Scrawny Cat Studios 'way back in 2006. These 30-second excerpts (mp3, around 1Mb each — dialup surfers be forewarned!) will give you a very good idea of what we'll sound like at your next event!

Click on a song to hear it (opens a new window, and may take a moment to load). Right-click and choose "Save Target As..." to download it.

And for those of you who grew up with bootleg recordings, here's our original "raw" demo collection. No studio trickery here (not that there was in the other demos!). These songs were recorded at our Casa de Angeles gig on an ordinary cassette deck fed by two mics on stands in the middle of the audience! Sorry about the noise and EQ... they're proof that live rock and roll can be great rock and roll!

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